How Can it be January?

24 01 2017

Where is the time going? How is it almost the end of January already?  Students have been very busy working and having fun in the Grade 6/7 classroom.

As I was scrolling through my camera roll, I realized that I did not share pictures of us building and decorating gingerbread houses. This was a particularly fun day and allowed small groups of students to work together on a project.

Although they may not have known it, this was the introduction to the Grade 7 structures unit. It became very obvious that day that I’ve got a lot to cover in regards to strong and stable structures.

Another thing I learned that day is that kids have access to a lot of sugar and candy and will bring large grocery bags full of candy to school if you let them.

Which brings me to the third thing I learned that day. DO NOT give these kids large amounts of candy. Especially not all 22 at once. Luckily I was already aware that chaos may ensue, so we didn’t start building until 2:00, but that 35 minutes was quite intense. Notes have been made regarding locking sugar up on the 7/8 trip next year.

The kids had a lot of fun that day. Here are some pics. Enjoy!


It’s November….

14 11 2016

So much has been going on and time is flying by. Just wanted to update you on a few things that your amazing kids have been doing. 

Not sure if you made it, but your children performed beautifully at the Remembrance Day assembly. I was so proud of the focus and seriousness that they brought to their tableau. 

Students had the unique opportunity to see a live drama, Spirit Horse, last week. The play addressed issues of racism and stereotypes and led to some great discussion.  

Progress reports went home tonight. I will be scheduling parent interviews on November 29th in the classroom or by phone, whatever is more convenient for you. Please let me know through email or text. 

Our school book fair is scheduled for next week, a good opportunity to pick up some Christmas gifts. 

Our Christmas concert is planned for December 20th (afternoon and evening performances). Please let me know if your child will be away as it may affect the organization of our presentation.  

As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns. 

Field Trip

8 10 2016

On Wednesday students in the Grade 6/7 classroom headed out into the Boreal forest to experience one of my favourite field trips. 

Students looked at a variety of different forest types and evaluated the impact of what had happened in those areas.

In the first example, the forest had burned down 30 years prior and students had seen how much and how well the forest had re-grown. Evidence of animal habitat was evident as well as how rich the soil in this particular area was.  At our second stop, the land had been harvested and the natural vegetation had not come back as well as many foresters would have liked. In this case two strategies had already occurred to help the forest with re-growth – air seeding and herbicide. The next step will be individual planting of sampling. 

At the next stop we saw evidence of a beaver dam close to the road and the affective flooding that can occur. Students evaluated different perspectives including road safely and the rights of the beaver. Some good discussion came from this. 

Grade 6/7 students explored evidence of the 5 kingdoms of living things, invasive species, tree identification, human impact, as well as biotic and abiotic elements that interact and impact life in the forest ecosystem. 

Despite the rain, students had an amazing day. 

Skills Canada

28 09 2016

Yesterday students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 had a presentation from Skills Ontario.  

Students discovered various trades available in Ontario. Events like summer camp programs and the cardboard boat races are annual events held that introduced students to various career opportunities. 

With 48% of the workforce ready to retire by 2025, a multitude of opportunities will exist for today’s future employees. 

Students learned about the importance of job satisfaction and not be limited in your choices by others beliefs or opinions. 

At the end, students were challenged to work together to design the tallest free standing structure. 

See some of the photos below. 

Reading is Thinking

18 09 2016

Early last week we created a poster in class titled “Reading is Thinking.” We brainstormed all of the things that we think about as we read, many of these things we do sub-consciously. At first some students said “I don’t think while I read.”  So I felt like it was my responsibility to prove them wrong. I gave each student a sticky note and asked them to mark a spot or two where they made a connection, a prediction or wondered about the intention of a character or event. I allowed students to read each day for 15 minutes then called them to the circle to share their thinking. Early in the week some students were hesitant or passed but then, just like magic, by the end of the week every student was orally sharing their thinking with the class. I felt like this was pretty amazing and wanted to share with you. Please see the pic below.   What an amazing group of thinkers and learners!  

Welcome to Grade 6/7 

9 09 2016

Another school year has begun and with it a new group of Grade 6/7 have started their school year. 

I am very excited to be working with your son or daughter this year. They seem like a very kind and hard working group of students. 

I will try to post an event or activity once per week this year so please accept the invitation to follow this blog when it is sent early next week. 

Here is a photo of students getting to know each other and working cooperatively in the gym. 

I hope to meet or see all of you in the near future. 

What day is it?

10 06 2016

Not sure what day we’re actually on, my greater concern is “in which town/city is my bed waiting?”  

Today was another amazing day with the kids. We arrived in Edmonton this afternoon for more adventure. After checking into the hotel, the kids got ready for Galaxyland at West Edmonton Mall. 

After that they were set free in what one parent called “the retail jungle.”  They did pretty good, all very excited to share what they bought.

 It was in one particular store that MP gasped in such a way that communicated concern and compassion for someone. ME! She was very concerned about me because she realized I wasn’t being a big baby (like she tried to suggest yesterday) but I had in fact been shot and wore a bruise the size of TEXAS. I know you think I’m joking but it’s big, like at least the size of a small dinner plate. 

Having never been shot herself, she can’t really understand what it takes to keep moving forward. So instead of lying down in the first store, I pushed through and made it to several other stores before the night ended.

Tomorrow, we’ve got another busy day planned – Fort Edmonton, swimming, mall and dinner theatre. 

Can’t wait to find out what tomorrow brings.